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Success Story 3

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Underwater Egress ChamberA small Canadian company had a history of providing the latest in underwater emergency egress training simulation technology to various international commercial and defense users. The U.S. Navy is building five (5) new facilities that each require an underwater egress training capability. The U.S. Army and U.S. Air Force each use one of the company's simulators, but in 18 years of effort, the company had not successfully marketed a trainer to the Navy. Seeking greater success in the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) market, the company sought support from A. L. Ross Associates, Inc.

Ross Associates worked closely with the client to accurately define the Navy's simulator requirements, funding sources and acquisition plan. A marketing strategy was developed to focus not only on the Navy, but to include Army, Marine Corps, and Air Force emerging opportunities. Key to success was obtaining accurate information and developing internal champions and ongoing relationships with these leaders.

Ross Associates established the cooperation of key Navy, Marine Corps, Army and Air Force personnel while developing a clear understanding of the client's capabilities and issues. Accurate information was obtained and competing solutions were recognized. Ross Associates developed alternative strategies, conducted briefings and supported client briefings and demonstrations. Essential to success, Ross Associates improved and maintained communications, and resolved the client's understanding of government budget, acquisition, and decision processes while working closely to develop concise
proposals reflecting the service's requirements.

It was determined from Ross Associates' sources that the Navy intended to refurbish their old simulators and not buy new equipment. The issues facing the Navy were a lack of procurement funding and limited support funds. To develop an opportunity while helping the Navy find a way to acquire new technology, a creative lease/rent-to-buy strategy was developed and proposed to the Navy.

The Marine Corps and Army had emerging new requirements to train personnel but no internal expertise or capability to conduct egress training. Ross Associates provided the conduit, technical expertise and motivation to support the development of new acquisition requirements for the two services.


A productive internal team environment was created, and DoD recognized the commercial technology as superior, cost effective, and highly desirable. In 16 months with Ross Associates, the client has submitted three (3) unsolicited proposals on new work totaling US$38M.

The unsolicited proposal providing robust commercial technology prompted the Navy to examine alternative solutions. As a result the client has responded to a Navy solicitation for information leading to an RFP opportunity. Where there was originally no opportunity there is now the potential for multiple sales to the Navy.

The Marine Corps has become a strong advocate for the egress trainer and the services provided by the client. Ross Associates supported development of the Needs Document, market survey, sole source justification, and the numerous activities leading to an Acquisition Decision Memorandum directing the procurement of the simulator. For the client, this new opportunity prompted a new business plan focusing not only on the sale of simulators, but all training services and curriculum development for the Marine

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